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Dre Catherine B. Lavoie B.Sc, DC


L'histoire de Mia (in French only)

Je tiens à témoigner de notre histoire, soit plutôt l'histoire de Mia, une labrador croisée berger allemand, qui est âgée de 8 ans et demi aujourd'hui. C'est avec fierté que je vous parle de ma Mia qui est une courageuse combattante!


Mia est une chienne amputée de la patte arrière gauche. Elle a subi de multiples traumatismes à sa patte et suite aux complications d'une chirurgie pour reconstruire son ligament croisé au genou gauche, nous en sommes venus à l'évidence que nous devions l'amputer... Elle souffrait trop et semblait mourir à petit feu. Donc Mia a été amputée le 10 juillet 2013, la chirurgie fut une réussite. Elle semblait enfin libérée de son fardeau.


Puis nous avons remarqué que Mia présentait un drôle de bruit au niveau de sa hanche et de son genou arrière droit. Un craquement qui n'inaugurait rien de bon... donc une visite chez le vétérinaire s'imposait (j'avais un abonnement chez le vét...). Les résultats n'étaient pas concluants, on soupçonnait un début de déchirure du ligament croisé de la patte arrière droite... chirurgie impossible compte tenu de sa condition physique. C'était donc la fin...

Une amie à moi m'a conseillé d'aller voir Catherine, qu'elle faisait des miracles. Au point où nous en étions, je n'avais rien à perdre. C'est avec le coeur lourd que je suis allée à notre premier rendez-vous. Je suis ressortie pleine d'espoir pour ma Mia. Depuis, nous voyons Catherine de façon mensuelle et Mia va très bien. Sa posture s'est grandement améliorée et le craquement a presque complètement disparu. De plus, elle nous a référé un orthoprothésiste qui a créé une superbe orthèse pour protéger son ligament lors d'activité physique. Dre Catherine Lavoie a remis de l'espoir dans notre maisonnée et ce sans médicament agressif, juste quelques ajustements. Un gros merci d'avoir donné une chance à notre Mia.

Caroline Barrette et Jean-Philippe Lemieux


Bear and Ruby's story

I can not thank Dr. Catherine Lavoie enough for all she has done for my two dogs, especially my dog Bear.

This past summer my 4 year old Labradoodle took a severe fall. He fell from a ledge, did a flip in the air and landed on the back of his neck and upper back. I thought he had broken his neck or back. Bear got up and seemed a little stun but o.k. Within 12 hours, Bear began to display symptoms. He became very quiet and would not par take in his usual activities. He would look withdrawn and not react to his name being called sometimes. He would hold his body in a different way and his head would hang down and he seemed in a daze.

I brought him to the vet and they determined he had suffered a mild concussion and severe whiplash. I was told there was nothing they could do and that it would be a very long recovery.  Bear seemed to continue to go down hill.

Then I found out about a chiropractor, Dr. Catherine Lavoie. I decided I needed to do something to help my dog who seemed to be in pain and suffering. Dr. Lavoie told me she felt she could help Bear a great deal. She explained to me it would take at least 3 sessions treating Bear before I should see a big improvement. Well she was right after his 3rd session Bear started to come alive again. He was more alert and playful. He lost the dazed stun look and behavior. He held his body in a normal way again.

She explained to me that Bear had a few vertebra that had jammed from the impact of his fall and that he was having severe head aches because of this and that is why he displayed the stunned dazed behavior and slept so much. Well today Bear is back to his old self and enjoying life again.  Even people around me who know Bear can't believe his recovery.

My other dog Ruby has had issues with her back and hips and she too has improved greatly since she received treatment from Dr. Lavoie. I can't recommend her enough for anyone who is watching their pet suffer. She brought my Bear back to me and the regular vet's told me there was nothing they could do but wait and see if time would take care of it. 

Thank you Dr. Lavoie you are amazing. I don't think Bear would be where he is today had you not helped him.  

Catherine Riviere

L'histoire d'Olive (in French only)

"Il ne faut jamais dire jamais", m'a un jour dit quelqu'un lorsque j'ai mentionné que je n'irai jamais voir un chiropraticien ... et pourtant, cette personne avait bien raison.

Suite à plusieurs tentatives pour soulager mes maux de dos et mes fréquents mal de tête, j'ai décidé (après avoir hésité durant des mois) de consulter en chiropratique. Moi, la septique, qui arrivait avec une appréhension immense face aux possible améliorations dont je doutais, ai été renversé par les nombreux bienfaits que cela a apporté à ma qualité de vie.

Alors voila, j'y croyais, j'y voyais un effet bénéfique considèrable et je prenais le premier rendez-vous pour Olive, Vizsla d'a ce moment-là 2,5 ans. Difficile de dire si sa qualité vie de chien a changé autant que la mienne, mais c'est au point de vue de ses performances sportives que j'ai vu une différence. Elle récuperait plus rapidement de ses compétitions, pouvait effectuer des manoeuvres plus techniques, qui avant, semblaient difficiles à exécuter et même sa posture (auparavent un peu en dos de "chameau") s'améliora.

Aujourd'hui les séances de chiropratiques font parties de notre quotidien et c'est avec une grande joie qu'Olive se dirige, tirant sur sa laisse et excitée comme pas deux, vers le bureau de Catherine pour son ajustement mensuel.


Dagna's story

This is Dagna’s an eight years old Dachshund she is clever energetic by nature. She hurt herself playing last August 2013.

I was told she had a dorsal hernia around the shoulder blade region, she couldn’t walk, without doing a nose plants and her head would remain low to the ground. She would hide in her kennel or run under the bed she would refused to be touched.

She was put on anti-inflammatory and pain killers and remained on them for a little more than three months. I became worried because of the side effect, but I was not seeing any improvement. I started looking for a more natural and less evasive way to treat the pain and also without breaking the bank.

I remembered going to the Chiropractor when I had severe migraines and I did a Google search. This is when I came across Dr. Catherine Lavoie’s web site, and contacted her, she was quick to reply.

I was quite pleased; she wasn’t far from my house, but knowing what I know now even if I would live far it’s really worth the trip.

When we met with, Dre. Lavoie, Dagna did not want to be touched at all. Dre. Lavoie gently adjusted Dagna and she suggested some homeopathic remedies. The same evening Dagna remained very quiet but day by day you could see her head perking up, after the third treatment she started playing a little more.

It has been one month in a half that we have been going to the Chiropractor and I’m glad to say Dagna is off the anti-inflammatory she is only taking the (homeopathic medicine “Traumeel”) It took about two week for the medicine to take effect.

You can tell when Dagna is due for her adjustment; she starts being quiet again. The treatment last a few weeks and are getting further and further apart which is encouraging.

For me it was unbearable to see her the way she was I would literally get nauseous thinking of her suffering. I’ve had to euthanize two Dachshunds due to paralysation, if I had known Dre. Lavoie before things might have been different. My goal is to keep Dagna comfortable as long as I can hopefully for many years to come. I am quite grateful to Dre. Lavoie`s knowledge.

Bailey's story (anglais seulement)

I am very thankful to have met Dr. Catherine Lavoie. I have a large mixed breed dog named Bailey. He was exhibiting weakness in the the hind legs, especially after being exercised. I was not keen on putting him on anti-inflammatory medication for I feel they only mask the symptom and do not cure the problem.

Dr. Lavoie found and old pelvic injury which was putting pressure on his lower back which was in turn causing the weakness in the back legs. After his treatment he is very tired for a good 24 hours and then he acts like a puppy!! After only a handful of treatments I see a big improvement in my dog, not just physically but also mentally. Bailey has a smoother gait when moving and is no longer showing weakness in the back legs. When he plays with other dogs he no longer throws himself down on the ground when they chase him, instead he holds himself up and plays. For Bailey this is an amazing display of confidence.

Chances are that because of the way Bailey is made, (long back), he will require an adjustment every so often. The important thing for me is that I can keep my dog off medication, prevent serious lameness or injury and give him a good quality of life for many more years to come.

Thank you Dr. Catherine Lavoie!

L'histoire de Stan

Je tiens à faire un témoignage de mon expérience avec toi qui a soigné une hernie discale mon petit chien Lhassa-Apso 6 1/2 ans, nommé Stan,ou plus souvent Chou-Chou, hi hi hi.

Il a commencé à arrêter en plein milieu des escaliers en début avril 2013, puis à s'assoir de plus en plus souvent comme pour se reposer. Une fois, il a crié lorsque je l'ai pris dans mes bras.
J'ai cru qu'il s'était blessé à une côte pendant mon absence de la maison puisqu'il a toujours été libre et qu'il avait déjà fait des crises d'épilepsie autrefois....je me suis dit : pour les humains, c'est environ 2 1/2 mois et il n'y a rien à faire sauf attendre, alors je vais attendre... Des jours, ça allait bien, des jours non... j'ai attendu encore... Quand je suis allée chez le vétérinaire, il semblait souffrir, il se traînait plus qu'il ne marchait et j'avais l'impression qu'il devenait paralysé du derrière. Je n'avais jamais entendu parler d'hernie discale chez les animaux.. Comme ça allait en empirant, j'ai fais passer des radiographies.

lls ont diagnostiqué une hernie discale et ont prescrit des anti-inflammatoires : Predisone 5 mg, un anti-douleur pour 2 semaines et ils m'ont dit : 50% de chance que ça fonctionne, à condition de le mettre dans une cage pendant au moins 2 mois SANS ARRÊT, le prendre dans mes bras pour ses besoins etc... Si non, 95% de succès si vous le faites opérer. Coûts de tout le bazar : entre $4000 et $5000. Oups!!!

Ça s'est amélioré un peu avec les anti-inflammatoire pour le peu qu'il marchait (quelques minutes/jour). Ensuite, il est passé de avoir de la difficulté à faire ses besoins (je devais lui tenir le derrière) à être capable de faire ses besoins et se tenir sur ses 4 pattes pendant quelques secondes... et à avoir une démarche de "gars très saoul" (aucun contrôle de son derrière), mais plus de douleur. Wow!

Puis, j'ai entendu parler de Catherine Lavoie, chiropraticienne pour chiens. Ça faisait 5 semaines qu'il était dans une cage, sur anti-inflammatoire seulement. Il était dans un état stagnant... En un seul traitement (05-09-2013), je n'en suis pas revenue : le lendemain, il se tenait sur ses 4 pattes, il marchait presque normalement, en ne perdant le contrôle de ses pattes arrière que très peu! Ça va en s'améliorant depuis ce temps-là. Il a eu son 2ème traitement hier après 1 semaine et sa démarche est de plus en plus solide.

Je suis tellement contente et je tiens à partager mon expérience, car c'est une solution qui, selon moi, vaut la peine d'être essayée à tout coup avant une opération très chère et dangereuse qui peut ne pas fonctionner non plus. Stan ne souffre aucunement durant le traitement de Catherine, je lui parle et il ne se rend compte de rien. Et le Dr. Lavoie aime les animaux et ça paraît. Elle appelle mon chien et il se détache de moi et va vers elle, ça ne ment pas... Ses prix sont plus que raisonnables. Elle ne dénigre pas non plus les vétérinaires et j'apprécie cela aussi. Je crois que, quand on combine les traitements vétérinaires et chiropratiques en même temps, ça fait des miracles, comme pour les humains....

Alors voilà, si ça peut aider, ne serait-ce qu'un seul animal (et son humain de maître hi hi hi), je suis contente d'avoir pris le temps d'écrire ces lignes. Je vais la recommander chaudement, ça, c'est certain.

Bonne journée!

Lyze de Lachine (près de Montréal)

Cody's' story

Cody is a ten year old border collie who loves his daily walks in the woods, his agility lessons and especially seeing all his friends, both 4 and 2 legged, at agility competitions.  Despite some arthritis he has been able to stay active in all the things he loves…..until a few months ago, when a mysterious “shoulder problem” appeared.

This problem was difficult to diagnose as it appeared only occasionally, very briefly (literally seconds), and for no obvious reason, but Cody was obviously in extreme discomfort whenever it did happen, and often remained a bit sore for a couple of days afterward.  Nothing showed on a vet’s physical exam. In between episodes Cody appeared to be fine…running with friends and competing in agility.  Over time, however, the “problem” began to occur more frequently.  Another vet examination and x-rays did not lead to any conclusive diagnosis.

Then, suddenly, the problem began to happen a lot more often. As previously, anti-inflammatories, rest, natural remedies and physiotherapy appeared to have no effect whatsoever.  The only diagnosis offered was that it must be due to arthritis. My personal experience with arthritis (over 30 years), and my experience with animals had me convinced that this was not the case.

Meanwhile, the problem was escalating at a level where, it not only looked like Cody might have to give up agility, but would be in enough discomfort that it could affect his daily routine as well. I was discouraged, but determined to do whatever I could to help him….with massage, heat packs… whatever... and still holding out hope for a miracle “fix”.

The miracle came along when someone handed me a business card with the name Dr. Catherine Belanger Lavoie.Upon physically examining Cody, Dr. Lavoie was immediately able to feel more than one fairly serious problem.

Within 24 hours of his first treatment, the changes in Cody were evident. It is now five weeks since his first treatment, and Cody is running and jumping  soundly.  Not only does the “shoulder problem” appear to be a thing of the past, but Cody is now lying, standing and moving better, and more comfortably, than ever before in his life.  It is such a joy to see. And with Dr Lavoie’s continuing care I know Cody’s “golden years” will be so much more comfortable than they would otherwise have been.

Dr. Lavoie has a wonderful rapport with animals.  Cody is a “rescue” who was mistreated as a puppy, and took a long time to gain confidence with humans.  He still remains somewhat nervous of being “handled”, but his chiropractic treatments are so gentle and easy that he barely seems to notice what is happening.

L'histoire de Chouby (in French only)


Je suis un caniche miniature de 4 ans qui a eu la chance de tomber dans une famille qui prend bien soin de moi.  Au printemps dernier, fort probablement suite à un mauvais mouvement répétitif, j'ai commencé à ressentir une douleur intense qui me paralysait complètement sans pouvoir localiser le foyer de douleur. 

Comme je souffre d'une dysplasie de la hanche, le vétérinaire a établi un protocole de traitements avec injection de cartrophen et anti-inflammatoire qui n'ont rien changé à mon état. Nous avons même eu recours à la cortisone sans bon résultat. Après plus de 3 semaines, mon vétérinaire recommanda à mes maîtres de me référer à un neurologue et à toute une série de tests pour arriver à trouver le problème exact. 

C'est là que nous avons entendu parler des bienfaits du Dre Catherine... Dès la première rencontre, elle soupçonne fortement une hernie cervicale et débute une série de traitements chiropratiques accompagnés d'un grand repos et d'une immobilité totale ce qui n'était pas difficile car j'étais incapable de soutenir ma tête et encore moins marcher. Mes maîtres devaient me déplacer pour tous mes petits et grands besoins, pour me faire manger et boire sans que j'ai à bouger ma tête, mon dos et mes pattes avant.

Petit à petit, ma condition physique s'améliorait au grand bonheur de mes maîtres qui avaient cru devoir prendre LA décision finale pour me soulager. Deux mois plus tard, je peux vous dire que j'ai repris toutes mes activités physiques d'avant ma blessure... Je dois rester prudent pour éviter que le tout se reproduise mais je suis redevenu le petit chien affectueux et enjoué que j'étais...

Merci Dre Catherine de m'avoir redonner une seconde vie !


Merlin's' story

Catherine’s work on our 14 year old golden retriever, Merlin, has made an amazing difference in his quality of life.

When Merlin began losing the use of his back left leg and falling, we called in Catherine who examined his x-rays and decided she could help him. The treatments are quick, painless and effective! Our dog is back to running and chasing tennis balls. It’s been six months since we started his treatment therapy and we are happy to see our dog having more "puppy moments" and enjoying his "golden years".

Janet and Robert Godin

Nomad's story

Our experience with Catherine has been very positive. Catherine is very knowledgeable & in our opinion thinks outside the box. For instance, she was aware of green lipped mussel while our vet and even our naturopath did not know about it. Her demeanour is very soothing and is very well suited with animals.

Our dog Nomad had a knee replacement. As a matter of fact, it was thanks to Catherine that he was diagnosed. His muscles were so tense that the vet could not figure out what the problem was, even under an anesthetic during teeth cleaning, the vet could not make a diagnosis. After treatments with Catherine, our dog Nomad is like a puppy and very energetic. He has definitely been limping much less after play, since seeing Catherine. We are very happy and highly recommend these chiro treatments.

Michael & Diane

Reeses' story

Reeses is an 8 years old Rot/ Lab mix who suffered from a torn ligament - one is one of his back leg and knee dislocation on the other back leg. Our Vet  said  the only way  he  could walk again was  to  operate and only one leg could be operatedat a time and we would have to wait 6 months for each leg to heal. I started to search for other options and was referred by a friend to Dr. Lavoie. Reeses could barely walk let alone run at the time. He had lost a lot of muscle mass in his back legs due to lack of  exercises.

With Dr. Lavoie's treatments, we saw results after the first treatment and a year later, Reeses can walk and run and play with his friends again. He has more energy then when he was a pup. We are so pleased we opted for a less aggressive treatment and that our Reeses is the happiest dog in the world again.

Thanx  Doc !!!

Diva's story

have some sad news.  Diva had to be put to sleep five days ago. The diuretic stopped working and her lungs were filling up to the point where she was really having trouble breathing.  Her last day was a great day.... she went to the barn three times, she went up to the hay loft, she laid out in the sun and rolled in the grass and did many full ear flapping body shakes.  I'll miss her very, very much. 

I want to thank you so much for everything that you did for my dog.  Because of you she was able to have a few more months of quality, normal dog activity. I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their dog. Thanks again for everything. I'm attaching a beautiful picture of Diva taken in November 2010 in Hilton Head, S.C.  As you can see, she was very animated after squirrel-hunting!  It was so nice meeting you and I appreciate the love you have for animals. Good luck and take care.


Pirate's story

My nine year old Great Dane, Pirate, has always been healthy and active.  He has a well controlled, healthy diet and very regular exercise.  In January 2012 he began to have difficulty walking. His front paws would cross causing him to fall.  My vet suggested he may have a neurological problem. She suggested I see Dr. Catherine Lavoie for chiropractic treatment. Catherine spent quite a bit of time assessing Pirate on his first visit and made a few adjustments staying away from his neck because of the veterinarian's suspicion of a neurological issue. We could see an immediate improvement. 

We continued to see  Dr. Catherine weekly for about a month then gradually decreased visits. After only a few treatments Pirate no longer crossed his front paws and could once again take walks which had become impossible only months earlier.  Dr. Catherine has helped us keep Pirate mobile and comfortable in his old age. 

Thank you Catherine!!!

L'histoire de Gitane (in French only)

Bonjour, je nommes Gitane et je suis une schnauzer nain de 5 ans. Le 21 janvier 2011, j’ai fait une chute en sautant en bas du divan et le muscle de ma patte arrière droite a été déchiré. Ils m’ont donné des anti-inflammatoire et un mois de repos, ce que ma maitresse a fait avec beaucoup de soins. J’ai du arrêter la médication, car je ne la digérait plus, j’ai fais de l’exercice, mais rien n’aidait. Ma maitresse m’a fait revoir par un vétérinaire très compétent, mais il n’y avait rien à faire… je garderais des séquelles de mon accident. Je ne pouvait plus me porter sur ma patte arrière ce qui me causait un débalancement de la colonne et j’avais beaucoup de difficulté à me mouvoir. Ma maitresse lisait la souffrance dans mes yeux, mais heureusement tante Suzanne connaissait Dre Catherine. Elle m’a vu et aussitôt la fin de mon premier ajustement, je me suis secouée comme je ne l’avais pas fait depuis des mois et je me portais sur ma patte, ma maitresse a revu la joie dans mon regard.

Dre Catherine m’a fait 3 traitements et je peux maintenant monter et descendre les escaliers. Ma locomotion n’est pas encore revenu a 100/100 mais ma qualité de vie est amélioré de 150/100. Je joue de nouveau, je vais marcher comme avant. Un grand merci Dre Catherine et j’ai bien hâte de te revoir.

Encore merci,

Gitane xxxx

L'histoire de Sangria (in French only)

J’étais désespérée lorsque j’ai fait la rencontre de la Dre Catherine Lavoie. J’ai une jument de 8 ans qui se prénomme Sangria. Tout a commencé il y a 4 ans : Sangria était alors une pouliche avec beaucoup de potentiel (dressage). Lors d’une mise en liberté, Sangria, toujours très énergique, est au grand galop dans le paddock, elle glisse et le malheur frappe. Elle s’est blessée sérieusement à l’épaule gauche, au dos, aux hanches et au cou. Elle boite même après 2 mois de repos, toujours pas « en avant », elle est inégale et travaille difficilement.

3 1/2 ans plus tard, après plusieurs tentatives vaines avec différents professionnels : chiro, ostéo et vétérinaire, je fais la connaissance de Dre Lavoie. Après un premier ajustement, Sangria semble voler, elle n’a plus de douleur. Quelle merveilleuse sensation de la retrouver libre de ses mouvements et heureuse! Sangria revit, elle gambade dans les prés et elle est à nouveau coopérative à l’entraînement. Après quelques ajustements, Sangria va beaucoup mieux! Aujourd’hui, Sangria est pleine d’énergie, elle a une belle masse musculaire et, cette année, on pourra aller en compétition. Je n’aurais jamais pensé la retrouver un jour comme avant ses blessures. 

Grâce à ses compétences, sa passion et ses doigts de fée, Dre Lavoie a redonné énergie et fluidité à Sangria. Sangria et moi remercions la Dre Catherine Lavoie, en qui j’ai pleine confiance pour ses bons soins.

Danielle Simard
Laval, Québec

L'histoire d'Alice (in French only)

Bonjour je m’appelle Alice je suis une schnauzer nain de 8 ans.

Je me suis blessée dans le dos après une chute. Ils m’ontdonné des anti-inflammatoires ce qui a soulagé ma douleur, mais rien n’a guérit. Puisque je suis une schnauzer, j’ai continué à fonctionner, mais je ne me tenais plus aussi droite et mon dos était devenu creux. Puisque que Dre Catherine a soignée ma copine Gitane et que notre maman a vu de beaux résultats après juste deux séances, elle a décidée de me faire ajuster également. J’ai été très docile et je me suis laisser faire. Dre Catherine est un humain a qui on peut faire confiance. Après seulement une séance, mon dos est plus droit et ma locomotion améliorée.

Un grand merci, Dre Catherine!

Alice XXX

Miles' story

Our 6 year old German Shepherd, "Miles", has had issues due to his long thin back for years. Intermitant limping, and general discomfort. We could never play ball with him or really let him cut loose as he would always hurt himself.

He had seen an Osteopath, and several Chiropractors, but never had any obvious results.
Lately, he had been really uncomfortable, he'd start to play then just give up and plop down. It was very sad. Just barely tossing him the ball (his favorite thing in the world) would result in a front limp.

A friend told me about Dr. Lavoie, she had done wonders for her GSD so we made an appointment. She pinpointed 3 + problems, and addressed them. She even had me feel a golf ball size knot in his neck, hence the front limp...

After one adjustment it was gone, and now, after his 4th adjustment he is a mad man! Cannot play enough, has actually put on a bit of weight and generally, could not be happier. He can bound through fields and play with his buddy like he has never done before.

We are so thank ful we found Dr. Lavoie, she reall ychanged his life.

Lori Cote and Kirk Potitt

L'histoire de Gino (in French only)

Il y a moins d'un mois nous nous désolions de voir notre vieil ami Gino qui avait de plus en plus de mal à marcher, mais ça c'était avant qu'il rencontre Dr Catherine.

Quelques traitements ont suffit pour le soulager et lui redonner une belle énergie. Jamais nous n'aurions esperé une telle amélioration en si peu de temps.

La compétence, la dextérité et l'énergie du Dr Lavoie, jumelées à sa passion pour les animaux ont fait toute une différence pour notre golden retreiver de 10 ans

Merci beaucoup Dr Catherine.

Lucie Bouchard

Nika's Success Story

Nika is a 6 ½ year old female German Shepherd, who in early 2011 had major front leg surgery. Although she recuperated well from the surgery, she had a full leg cast for 3 months, had intensive physio post surgery, including hydro tank treadmill work, but I could see something was not quite right.

She was now a lethargic dog who had very little energy. She always loved tracking and that became a chore and she showed no interest.  

I read an advertisement in my local newspaper for Dre Catherine Lavoie, and decided to contact her.

After one adjustment from Dre Catherine, Nika went from being “blah” to bringing me toys to tug with, playing and wrestling with my young Welsh Corgi, barking at me and generally back to being the dog I once knew.

Yesterday I saw another milestone: we were visiting friends in the country and even after going for a long walk on fairly rough terrain with 3 other dogs, she still had the energy to run up and down a stream, playing in the water. She was having a wonderful time and very obviously felt good.

Am I a believer in chiropractic? You bet I am!!!!

Dre Catherine, Nika and I thank you for having these magical hands!

Sheila Brunies
St Lazare, Qc.


Horse Trainer Dave Thind talks about Dr. Catherine

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Catherine Belanger Lavoie for over 10 years now. I immediately recognized that she was passionate about horses when as an already successful hunter rider, she came to me to learn dressage. Her understanding of horses combined with her quiet yet clear approach allowed her to progress quickly. When the opportunity arose, she volunteered to take two FEI horses I had in for sale on daily walks. Already then, she handled the horses in a professional way and the horses were always softer in their bodies after she had been taking them on their daily hacks in the countryside.

Although Catherine moved away to study Chiropratic, we have stayed in touch over the years. Due to my own personal interest in biomechanics and since my wife is a veterinarian also certified in equine chiropractic as well, we have had many interesting conversations about correct riding and equine biomechanics. Also, when I needed someone to adjust a horse for me in Ontario, it was none other than Catherine that I used. The horse moved better and I was more than satisfied, although not surprised what Catherine can do. Highly recommended!

Dave Thind
German 'Trainer A', F.N (Level III Trainer)


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